shrugbread- Looking Outwards 7

I looked at a few of the bitsy on the links given and landed on two that of my favorites but for two completely separate reasons that are just two of the genres of bitsy games that i’ve found.

The first is Continental Drift

Continental Drift is wonderfully straight forward and unidirectional storytelling that while having very limited user interaction uses the space of the screen for atmosphere and pacing rather than interactivity. The flow of the game works more like poetry with spaces of silence and looking for the next orange tile to progress the repetitive, hollow narration. I find this prose type of poetry or narration to help with the similar yet different visuals. This is my favorite example of the more cinematic bitsy experiences

The other one is Burger City  

A fun story about the protagonist being forced to eat burgers and later imprisoned for not paying the bill. This game is easy to understand and while it has a very low contrast color scheme that can make items hard to differentiate it’s very funny but simple. I think this at least partially exemplifies the more game-ey interactive side that bitsy offers.