bookooBread – LookingOutwards 7

I’m gonna be real honest… I don’t think there was one project that I found I really liked. Personally, I don’t connect with this pixelated style and I found that most of these games lacked depth or were trying too hard to be deep and ended up coming across as cheesy. Most of the time these games couldn’t hold my attention for more than a few minutes. One that I did decently like, however, was Space Rat. It wasn’t trying to do anything deep and was just pretty endearing and fun to play.

I also somewhat enjoyed The Continental Drift because the nature imagery was well done, but I think I mainly liked it just because they played this night has opened my eyes as the background music…

Overall, I think these games are just not really my style, but that’s okay! I am still intrigued and excited to try out how I can make it something I’d consider “my style” or something I can connect with.